The Teacher

Black dust stained her fingers where they trailed along the charred remains of a school desk.


#StoryWord Challenge: My experience

#StoryWords is a challenge hosted by Richelle Renae (aka @Richelle_Renae) where participants tweet in 140 characters a line using the word provided for that day. It ran the entire month of April. At the end of the month, the tweets should form a story. It was very challenging to write within the word constraints. Armed with only … Continue reading #StoryWord Challenge: My experience

A hidden heirloom

  Photo prompt provided by Louise with The Storyteller's Abode. Thank you Louise! The colours drew him into another world and he was lost. Lost in the most beautiful of escapes. The painting was exquisite. The subtle touches of light against dark, the soft brush strokes conveying the tone of the entire painting; tranquility. The … Continue reading A hidden heirloom